Can Malabar Black Pepper Germinate From Seeds?

Can Malabar Black Pepper Germinate From Seeds?

Is it possible to Propagate Black Pepper with Seeds

It is believed black pepper never germinates from seeds. If this is not true, then why is the pepper vine struggling hard to produce seeds? Ripe berries are sweet and colorful birds are attracted to them. It is done so she can spread her species.

I have seen pepper corns naturally germinating but not all seeds may germinate. So farmers prefer propagation of black pepper by cuttings instead of seeds. You should be able to germinate a seed provided you get the pepper corns from a farmer for germination. There is no way a super market pepper corn will germinate. This is because the corns on the shelves are processed so they don’t get spoiled. This is why they don’t germinate. visit this spice for sale online so that you can save time and money

Also, a point to consider here is any farmer will not risk peppercorns to ripen on the vine they are harvested much before it ripens. Corns fall off or birds pick them once it ripens. So, this will also affect the germination process.

Every farmer in Kerala boils the peppercorns for 10 minutes in hot boiling water just after harvesting and sun dry it for 3 to 5 days. This increases the shelf life and color of black pepper. So, again, seeds will not sprout.

Best seeds should be sourced by farmers for germination process.For more details read this article.

Can Malabar Black Pepper Germinate From Seeds?

How is Black Pepper Planted in Kerala (India)

In Kerala (India) black pepper was traditionally planted during mid of June month (i.e. Thiruvathira Njattuvela). As per Malayalam calendar or popularly known as sun calendar. In a year there are 27 Njattuvela.

Most Malayalam calendars nowadays don’t give this information. But you can remember it. It mostly comes during mid of June month each year.

Basically Njattuvela are suns position.

So, 365 days in a year are divided into groups of 14 to 15 days. Therefore there are 27 Njattuvelas in a year.

In Thiruvathira Njattuvela (mid of June month) it rains non-stop along with equal amounts of sunlight. Most times rain will be heavy and certain time it will drizzle with bright sunlight.

You can plant anything during this period. If you are from India you can try planting any mature cutting of any plant directly in soil. It will surely catch up and fruit next year.

So, traditionally, farmers in Kerala planted Pepper during this time. Vegetables can also be planted during this time, vegetables also grow well in rain feed condition and don’t need irrigation.

If your locality has the black pepper vine look for new shoots under the vine spread on the ground with roots. You can cut them and plant it into bags or plant them directly to the soil. You have to prepare the planting location 3 days prior to planting to let microbes work on the soil and manure.

For centuries, farmers in Kerala have been planting pepper during Thiruvathira Njattuvela because black pepper requires a lot of water and cool climate. It cannot withstand heat during summer months. Leaves wither off. Initially, you have to protect the vine from direct sunlight (evergreen forest doesn’t have much sunlight penetration inside the canopy of the trees even in summer months).

New shoots emerge from the bottom part of pepper wine during the august month. Traditionally, farmers would roll the new wine in a bamboo basket or onto a small stick. It becomes easy to cut and plant the cutting to new location in Thiruvathira Njattuvela, if the emerging shoot are left in the soil roots will spread on the ground and transplanting it becomes difficult.For more details about natural organics, read out here