Black Pepper – The King of Spices

Black pepper falls under the category of spices and condiments on most restaurant supply sites.

Black pepper falls under the category of spices and condiments on most restaurant supply sites. The eastern part of the world celebrates this dried fruit of the tree Piperaceae, as the King of Spices. This dark seed essentially serves as a spice, used mainly for seasoning and garnishing or enhancing dishes. Black pepper is among the basic spices used in Asian cooking. Its origin traces way back to India, where it still remains as an everyday spice without which the meal is not complete. There must be other source of information which you can find lots of details, information and updates with regards to using black pepper. organic spice rack can also be found at

America and other countries have fallen in love with black pepper as well. It is so versatile and adds taste to any dish. Many famous barbecue sauces in the US are based on this tasty spice. You won’t find a restaurant in America that does not use it. Almost every tabletop in every restaurant in America has salt and pepper shakers. The French have definitely figured out how to use the spice as well in their awesome foods. Thai food uses this King of Spices to cook delicious meals and soups as well like Pad Thai Chicken and Panang Chicken Curry. There are many people that do not recognize yet the use of black pepper and the benefits of their health.

Black pepper falls under the category of spices and condiments on most restaurant supply sites.

The Chinese armadas of the 1420s used to carry shiploads of the dark pepper back from the Spice Islands and facilitated trade of the spice throughout the world. How bland would our foods be today without pepper? get details about pure spice portland if you are interested.

Black pepper seeds are so versatile that they are virtually used in every cooking and culinary medium and preparation, often yielding mouthwatering results. The health benefits of black pepper, along with its medicinal values and aromatic quality, have made it popular. Whether it is whole black pepper or ground black pepper, when used in cooking, it can help soothe the digestive tract, reducing gas, pain, cramps and stomach aches.

The King of Spices is commonly found useful in relieving flatulence or gas problems. This wonder spice is cholesterol-free which is beneficial to people with circulatory system problems and heart disease. Adding a little spice to your diet may help your cholesterol problem. Not only as a condiment, but pepper oil is also said to have a lot of advantages. In aroma therapy, the pepper essential oil can be used to relieve muscle pain, including arthritis. Its spicy heat is also said to eliminate stuffy nose during a cold and clear congested lungs for better respiration. It is good for your digestive system as it increases the production of saliva and gastric juices. The King of Spice has a high amount of calcium, iron, and potassium which is a good food for bones and is highly recommended in consumption during pregnancy.

There are so many useful tips on how to use black pepper and what are their advantages and benefits to human health. By checking and reading carefully with this article can help you determine how useful it is to anybody.Continue Reading